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Airplanes.Live Aircraft ADS-B tracking

Airplanes.Live Premium 1090 ADS-B Filtered SDR with Pre-Amp

Airplanes.Live Premium 1090 ADS-B Filtered SDR with Pre-Amp

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Airplanes.Live PREMIUM SDR with 1090 ADS-B high quality 1090 SAW filter and pre-Amplifier.  Compatible with Windows, Raspberry Pi, and many software decoders.

Compatible with readsb, dump1090-fa, and all RTL-SDR supporting software.

  • Drop-in Replacement for FlightAware Pro Stick Plus
  • Aluminum case for more effective heat dissipation and interference reduction
  • 1090 MHz SAW filter and pre-amplifier 
  • 0.5 PPM TCXO to prevent frequency drift as temperature changes

All SDR are tested and serial set to 1090.

Use the Airplanes.Live Pi image on your Pi 3/4/5:

Blue or Orange?

The USB SDR (Software Defined Radio) ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast) receiver translates the 1090 MHz radio signal into something software can understand. If you are choosing between the Airplanes.Live Blue or the Airplanes.Live Orange, the Blue has an on-board 1090 filter.

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