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Airplanes.Live Aircraft ADS-B tracking

Airplanes.Live Complete Starter Kit

Airplanes.Live Complete Starter Kit

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Complete Kit for ADS-B tracking kit with PCB antenna!

Everything you need to get started! No separate purchases of Antenna or Power Supply required!

1x Pi 4B 2GB installed in metal case
1x 5.1V USB-C Raspberry Pi Power Supply
1x Airplanes Indoor Starter kit

Kit includes Airplanes.Live SDR Kit:

  • 1x Airplanes.Live Blue 1090 Mhz
  • 1x Window mount with tape
  • 1x PCB antenna 1090 MHz
  • 1x 3 feet SMA Male RG58/U 
  • 1x Airplanes.Live 8GB Industrial SanDisk SD Card

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